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Using our state of the art methodology you can take control of your Future and create a Past your Present self is Proud of.

"This book showed me how to do all the things I've always wanted to do and make them last! Literally life changing!"

  • Paul Michael, CEO

Create an Alter Ego

An Alter Ego is a proven tool for making change. Envisage your ideal Future Self to motivate yourself today!

The Power of Imagination

With our in-depth visualisation methodology you'll create a Future your present self will love.

Immersive Techniques

Start using Social Media for your benefit, learn how to make these powerful platforms work for you instead of you working for them.

Increase your Personal Development with #FutureFirst

Change is an essential part of life and growth. Transitions from one stage to another happen all the time - from child to adult, from caterpillar to butterfly. We can see change everywhere, in the passing of the seasons and the development of medicine or technology.

Our strategy is part mentality, part feedback loop. It is designed to be self-sustaining and interactive. Find out more by signing up to our Newsletter and getting your free copy of our Mini-book for a limited time!



Gain insight into the powerful #FutureFirst mentality.

Why Join the #FutureFirst Email Coaching Course?

Discover the Transformative Power of the #FutureFirst Strategy

Structured Guidance

Structured Guidance

Regular Touchpoints: Receive scheduled emails that provide consistent guidance and reminders, keeping you on track with your goals.

Step-by-Step Progress: Our emails break down the #FutureFirst strategy into manageable, actionable steps, making your journey less overwhelming and more digestible.



Check-ins: Benefit from regular email check-ins that encourage you to reflect on your progress, identify challenges, and celebrate successes.

Personalised Feedback: Get personalised support by sharing your progress reports and questions, ensuring you feel accountable and supported throughout your journey.



Inspirational Content: Stay inspired with success stories, motivational quotes, and practical tips delivered directly to your inbox.

Progress Tracking: Track your progress and share updates, fostering a sense of achievement and continuous motivation.

Resource Sharing

Resource Sharing

Relevant Content: Access additional resources like articles, videos, and exercises tailored to the #FutureFirst strategy, enriching your learning experience.

Community Building: Connect with like-minded participants through group emails or forums, creating a supportive community that enhances your motivation.

What You'll Learn

Empower Yourself with the Skills and Knowledge to Transform Your Life

Clarity and Focus

Gain a clear understanding of your goals and the necessary steps to achieve them. Our structured guidance will help you stay focused, avoid distractions, and maintain a consistent path towards your objectives. By the end of the course, you'll be equipped with a clear roadmap for your personal and professional growth.

Accountability and Support

Learn the importance of accountability in achieving lasting change. Through regular check-ins and personalised feedback, you'll develop the ability to hold yourself accountable and stay committed to your goals. The support system provided by the course ensures you have the encouragement and motivation needed to persevere through challenges.

Continuous Motivation

Discover techniques to stay motivated and inspired, even when obstacles arise. The course includes inspirational content, success stories, and practical tips to keep your momentum going. You'll learn how to harness your inner drive and maintain a positive mindset throughout your journey.

Valuable Resources

Access a wealth of resources such as articles, videos, and exercises tailored to the #FutureFirst strategy. These materials will enrich your learning experience and provide you with the tools needed to implement and sustain positive changes in your life. You'll leave the course with a comprehensive set of resources that you can refer to whenever you need a boost or a reminder of the principles you've learned.

Community and Connection

Connect with like-minded individuals who are also on their path to personal development. The course fosters a sense of community through group emails and forums, allowing you to share experiences, seek advice, and support each other. Building these connections will not only enhance your learning but also provide a network of encouragement and camaraderie.

Monthly Webinars

Join Our Exclusive Monthly Webinars for In-Depth Lessons and Group Discussions

Our monthly webinars offer a unique opportunity to dive deep into the #FutureFirst strategy through live, interactive sessions. Led by seasoned professionals, these webinars provide you with in-depth knowledge and practical skills that you can immediately apply to your personal and professional life. Engage in dynamic group discussions, share your experiences, and gain new perspectives from like-minded individuals on the same journey. These sessions are designed to foster a supportive community, ensuring you have the encouragement and motivation needed to persevere through challenges.

Can't make it to a live session? No worries! All our webinars are recorded and made available for you to watch at your convenience. You'll never miss out on valuable content and can revisit the lessons anytime you need a refresher. Each webinar is packed with actionable insights and practical tips that you can implement right away, helping you achieve real improvements in your life. Join us and experience the benefits of expert guidance, community support, and continuous learning through our engaging monthly webinars.

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