Why traditional Self-Help has issues

You’ve come across it before, the typical Guru Golf that that tells you to swing one way and then the other. to get up at 4am, go to bed at 9am, be Jay Shetty, be Warren Buffet. Eat a Paleo Diet, don’t have any kids or a normal life because YOU HAVE S**T TO DO!

Let’s face it, if you’re a single mom of 3 and you’re reading a book telling you that the 5am club is where it’s at. You’re already not connected. If you’re name is Kevin and you’re a 19 yr old student living in a house share with a squeaky staircase, getting up at 5am to KICK START YOUR LIFE is only going to pee off every other person in the house share. Kevin, is now hating the 5am club because he’s been voted out of his house and has nowhere to live.

Also, these things take into account that you have absolutely nothing else in your life preventing you from achieving these things. THE FIRST 30MINUTES OF YOUR DAY ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT.

F YOU the 30 mins of my day are stepping on lego bricks as I run to my 2yr old who’s just wet the bed and his urine is dripping on his 7yr old sister. But hang on, I need to zen the F out and OM my way into the day.

Self Help sucks, Self-Improvement is a lie.

Stop trying to build Atomic Habits, wake up at 5am just to believe you’re worth something or trying to be the Rich Dad not the Poor One.

Instead, take our course, learn how to create a future that affects your now. Learn how to build a sustainable being by altering your filters, bring neuroscience into the equation with neuroscience being the longest word IN the equation.


Stop swimming upstream and take our course.

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