How to Change Your Life using an Alter Ego

If you want to make real and lasting change in your life, whether that is starting a new habit, getting healthier or even changing career, you need an Alter Ego.

The power of the Alter Ego is a fundamental part of the Self Nouveau method, available in our e-book #FutureFirst: A Strategy for Change.

We believe that it is the key to setting yourself up for success.

What is an Alter Ego?

So what do we mean by an Alter Ego? It may seem like a cartoonish idea, more associated with super-powered beings in capes saving the world, but it is actually a hugely effective technique for personal growth.

An Alter Ego is simply an improved version of yourself. For example, instead of trying to speak up in a business meeting as normal Anxious You, you can imagine a Confident You who can contribute at work, lead training sessions and even give a speech at a wedding.

How to create an Alter Ego

It is pretty simple to create your Alter Ego. All you need is your imagination.

Think about your ideal future self and what that person is like. They can be the same as you in every way apart from a few key characteristics that will help you make your changes stick.

For example, if you want to start running regularly, you may need to become more organised. This way you will wake up on time and have clean kit, making sure you will get out for that run.

Find out more about how to create a powerful Alter Ego with our e-book, or sign up to our newsletter and get a free sample.

An Alter Ego gives you something bigger to believe in

One reason why having an Alter Ego is such an effective technique for change and personal development is perspective.

Having an Alter Ego gives you something bigger to believe in and fall back on in tough times.

Starting a new habit or making changes in your life is difficult. Many of us struggle with it because we focus on the habit itself too much. We link our identity and sense of self worth to completing a new habit a specific number of times.

For example, we might decide to go running 4 times a week. If we manage that, we have succeeded and feel great. If not for whatever reason, we can feel guilty, low in self esteem and even lose enthusiasm for our new habit.

The Alter Ego avoids all that. If you want to start running, create an Alter Ego who regularly goes out running. That way your sense of identity isn’t tied to the number of times you do something.

You have a larger perspective on your goals, yourself and the future you are working towards. You can miss the odd day – too tired, too busy, feeling ill – because you can see the bigger picture.

Bridge the gap

An Alter Ego is a fantastic tool for self development. It bridges the gap between the present situation and the desired future goals. It gives you the motivation to keep going during difficult times. It can let you imagine a different self, more confident, healthier, less stressed.

So what are you waiting for? Start imagining your future self and create your Alter Ego today.

Find out more about our strategy for change with our e-book, available here.

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